How to Play Sonic Jump


New to app gaming? Not everyone has a smart phone and when you get one you’ll be surprised at how many games are free in the app store. Of course, a title like Sonic Jump won’t be free, but the overall quality of the game makes it a worthy. Once you do get it, however, you might be wondering about how to play Sonic Jump in the best way possible. For a first timer, the controls might be a little mind boggling, but over time you might be surprised at how intuitive the mechanics are.


The Controls

First things first, the game handles very simply. Tilting the screen makes little Sonic bounce around on the platforms. This move is used to coast him around the many obstacles that stand in his way. On the way, higher platforms become more evident, so a jump button is inevitable in the title. Tapping the screen makes little Sonic jump, and double tapping makes a double jump. During the later levels of the game, more challenges are put in front of you, some in the form of enemies that make you explode coins if touched. These enemies can be eliminated though, as jumping on top of them destroys your targets and makes a sort of temporary platform. Overall, the controls are simple enough, and you’d be surprised at how well you can string combos  together once you practice each of these many moves.



The Game Modes

In Sonic, there are two major modes that you’ll probably invest a lot of of your time in. The first being the story mode wherein you take Sonic through a journey that would span over 30 levels. Often, the game puts in a few bosses to make the challenge a little bit higher as you play. The other game mode is arcade and the endless level jumping. This is the perfect place to gather as much coins as you can while the mode seems like a skinned version of arcade, it can become quite addicting. This is also the best place to gather as much points as you can for upgrades which are open for purchase in the store.


The Aim of the Game

For those that like the story line option, then the aim of the game should be evident. This is to see the game through it’s staggering 30+ levels just to see what happens to Sonic. For another challenge, there is also the online leaderboard where scores from the best players are stored. This goal is a lot more challenging, as some of the best players have scores up to the millions and upgrades are necessary to your success. These upgrades can be bought with quite a bit of coins, or otherwise, real money which can be a hassle. Whichever way you decide to purchase them, however, is totally up to you as the challenges ramp up quite a bit over time. Of course, you can simply enjoy the game; it’s a fun romp and has solid challenges for those of you that are already versed in this kind of gameplay. For more hardcore competitors, you can refer to even more tips on Sonic Jump.